Monday, July 22, 2013

THERA°PEARL Children's Pals - Keepin' it Cool (or Hot)

In the world of children, "boo-boos" happen daily. Between stubbing toes while attempting early morning coordination to falling down repeatedly while learning to walk, you are bound to encounter bumps and bruises constantly once your child is on the move. Your job, as a parent, is to cushion those falls with words of encouragement and love. If not, you look like a bad parent, or one that is trying to raise their child to be the next Terminator. Most parents choose to go for the soothing option, and that being said, there are SOOOOOOO many products on the market to help with that. How do you choose? Do you make your own Boo-Boo Bunny at home to hold ice on those bumps and bruises? Do you buy the tackle box sized first aid kit? Or do you take the middle ground and buy something a little less homemade and a lot less dramatic? This is probably answered by the number child you are on too. If it is your first child, you most likely bought the tackle box filled with an entire lifetime's worth of band-aids and ointments, gauze rolls and defibrillators. If it is your sixth child you stopped reading after the second sentence of this post, and if you are somewhere in between, you are waiting to hear what the "middle ground" is. And here it is: THERA°PEARL Children's Pals!!!!

Ribbit the Frog
Buddy the Puppy
Pearl the Pig
Ping the Panda
How adorable are those little guys (or gals)?!?! They retail for ONLY $5.99!!!!

I got to try a THERA°PEARL Children's Pal for review purposes through Tomoson, and let me tell you, they are great! For inquiring minds, I got Ribbit the Frog, but it was hard to choose jut one. First of all, they are kid-friendly because they are so fun! Have you ever noticed that the second a child gets hurt they immediately become skeptical of every little thing - What are you putting on me? A band-aid. Will it hurt? No, it never has before. Why do we have to do that? Because we don't want your cut to get infected. No, I don't want that! And so on.... It can become quite the battle just to apply some Neosporin and a band-aid to a simple scrape. With these little hot/cold packs, you don't get that kind of interrogation. They are made with little beads inside of them which makes them unique from most products on the market that serve it's same purpose. This in and of itself makes it appealing to children of any age. They can squish them and move them around, and they are brightly colored inside the see-through casing so they can watch themselves manipulate the little beads. One of my favorite things about these little packs is the fact that they can be used HOT or COLD. This takes their versatility to a whole new level, as most products can only do one of the two. What I love even more than that is the fact that independent lab tests have suggested that they contain no heavy metals, no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) or BPAs (Bisphenol A), making them safe, hypoallergenic and reusable. Plus, they will not leak or drip or tear (unless abused, that is), making them that more reliable. With so much controversy over what is safe for our children, it makes product choices much easier when they leave out these questionable ingredients and make higher quality products. Plus, these cuties won the "Parent Tested Parent Approved" (PTPA) award for quality and appeal! 

I give the THERA°PEARL Children's Pals 10 stars!

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Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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