Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Utterly Smooth with Udderly SMooth®

'Tis the season.....for baking cookies, drinking hot cocoa, and spending time with some of your favorite family and friends. And....... DRY skin. Where I am (NY), it's inevitable; as soon as the furnace kicks on full time, out come the humidifiers, the cold/allergy medicine and the heavy creams and lotions. My oldest has cold weather induced asthma, and my youngest has eczema which flares up this time of year. I, personally,  have a pet peeve with dry skin, especially on my hands. This becomes even more of an issue during the colder months because the air is much drier, cleaning tends to be more frequent (because we are indoors more, no one here knows how to take their boots off when they come in from the snow, and those pesky germs are intruding my house) and hand washing reaches a whole new level of constant. You can imagine my relief (and excitement) when I received a complimentary package full of Udderly SMooth® products to test and review for Mosaic Reviews. Not only was this a treat for me personally, but it came at the perfect time of year.

Look at this generous package!
Love the packaging too!

I had preconceived notions about this line of products before I received them. Due to the name Udderly SMooth® -as in cow udders, and care for said udders- I pictured a thick, heavy, waxy/greasy type product which worked so well that people just didn't care that they were leaving their greasy hand prints all over things. I despise lotions, creams, etc. that leave your hands greasy, and you locked in the bathroom because your hands can't properly grip the doorknob without wiping half of the product off. Ahem, waste of money, ahem. Let me tell you that this is not the case with Udderly SMooth®. Just another life lesson in not judging a book by it's cover, or in this case, a lotion by it's name.

I received two tubes of the Hand Cream, a 2-ounce and a 4-ounce size, and the smaller one has taken residence in my purse. It is the perfect size to keep with you for on-the-go. It has a super smooth consistency, and is a silky-white color. It absorbs effortlessly, and smells clean as well. I enjoy the simple scent because it is subtle, and neutral. Therefore, it doesn't override the scent of my perfume, but gives me a nice pick-me-up when I put it on, and my son and the hubby can use it without complaint of a "girly smell". I keep comparing the scent to soap, but I think that is because I feel that it has a fresh scent. Again, it is subtle, and doesn't linger, and I imagine it would appeal to most everyone, however, they do offer a fragrance-free variety for those with super-sensitive nostrils, or skin. This is the product that I use most frequently because I rarely allow my hands to stay dry for long-It gives me the heebie-jeebies. This time of year I feel like I should have lotions stationed at every corner of the house. Would it be tacky to have those pump-style hand sanitizers and lotions placed sporadically throughout my home?

See, it's nice!
The Body Cream is a little bit thicker than the hand cream, however, is rubbed in and absorbs just as effortlessly. This surprised me, as most of the targeted body care items seem to be thick, difficult and messy. This comes in an open jar, so you can use as little or as much as you need. I will mention that a little goes a long way. My son gets SUPER dry elbows and knees in the winter, and we have been using the Udderly SMooth® Body Cream on it with much success! In the past I have used ointments to get the added benefit of using more of an oil-based product, however, it gets messy. I love that we are getting better results with this without the consequences of using the greasier ointments.

Udderly SMooth® Body Cream - Thick, yet creamy!
The foot cream is superb as well! It has a consistency similar to the hand cream and, again, absorbs completely leaving feet soft, smooth and smelling nice. I feel as though my feet are the most neglected members of my body during the winter because I constantly have thick fuzzy socks covering them. It's like I forget they have skin on them that is prone to all of this dryness too. Then, come Summer, I have to put a bit of effort into getting them ready for flip-flops and barbeques. Luckily, the opportunity to try the Udderly SMooth® has given me the motivation to keep up with them during the Winter months. Hopefully this will make for less work later on! Additionally, I like that it doesn't smell like mint - what is the relationship between feet and mint? Aren't our mouths supposed to smell like mint?

The best part is, these products are made in the USA and extremely affordable! Here is what they retail for:
  • Udderly SMooth® Hand Cream - 2 oz. tube - $1.75
  • Udderly SMooth® Hand Cream - 4 oz. tube - $2.75
  • Udderly SMooth® Body Cream - 12 oz. jar - $5.75
  • Udderly SMooth® Foot Cream -  8 oz. jar - $6.50
Plus, they are sold at several common retailers. For the entire list, go here.

To keep up with the brand, and you want to because they host giveaways quite frequently, follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

I have enjoyed using the Udderly SMooth® products, and will continue to do so when I run out. They get 10 stars from me:

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

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