Thursday, July 31, 2014

Playmaker Playdate Thanks to Children's Claritin® - #ClaritinMomCrew

I can tell when Spring has arrived when I can hear my son before I can see him in the morning. The incessant sneezing, puffy, watery eyes and stuffy nose are a tell-tale sign that Spring, and all of it's pollination, is in full swing (because sometimes I canNOT tell by the weather here in NY). See, nobody else in this house suffers from allergies, so he is literally the allergenic wonder child. In the Winter we battle cold weather induced asthma, in the Spring and Summer we deal with "seasonal allergies". That is.... until we discovered the miracle that is Children's Claritin®. When my son takes his chewables, or liquid (depending much on his mood), he is symptom-free and ready to get outside and play with the neighborhood kids, which makes him one happy dude.

He is such an outdoor kid, and so are many of the other kids that live right around our house. It is great to have so many children for my kids to play with in such close proximity. I was thrilled when I was chosen to be a member of the #ClaritinMomCrew so I could share the good word on Children's Claritin®, and how much it has helped our son enjoy being a kid. We love to take advantage of the decent weather around here because we experience all four seasons, which equates to about 6 weeks of Summer and Fall (the 2 BEST seasons), 6 months of Winter, and 3 months of rain. That being said, we can't actually ENJOY it if our son is experiencing his allergy symptoms. We have loved using Children's Claritin® because it is a single dose (per 24 hours), and is NON-DROWSY. That is so important to us as well, because what good is a symptom-free child if they are sleeping, or needing to take medicine 4 times per day?

Insulated bag for me, 3 light-weight bags to share, magnetic lists, and $2 off coupons for Children's Claritin
I was sent this super-fun package of goodies to share with some of my mom friends who also know the struggles of childhood allergies (or know someone else who does). We spoke about the difficulties of managing symptoms and suffering, and I was happy to share my positive experiences with them (as well as the goodies). Now there are some more kids who can get out and PLAY in spite of their allergies this Spring/Summer, and hopefully, all the rest!

Disclosure: As a member of the Children's Claritin Mom Crew, I was sent the aforementioned products complimentary to use and share as I see fit. I was not monetarily compensated, and the opinions stated here are my own.

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