Monday, January 19, 2015

Bathroom Organization....For the Kids!

As if keeping the bathroom clean, tidy and in order is not enough, add to your house a child and the tub becomes yet another place to gather clutter, toys and mess. We have tried many things to hold bath toys. I used to have this little net that would suction to the wall and hold toys, but the openings were very narrow and if too many toys were in it, it would fall down. Plus, because it was made out of fabric it would get a funky smell, and I had to always check it to make sure that there was no mold growing on it. Then I decided that I would just keep the toys in a small plastic bin. This half worked. I would keep it int he shower after the bath to let the toys drain (the bin had holes on the sides), and then take it out of the tub when they were not being used. This took up more bathroom space (and the bathroom doesn't have much space to lose, and some other people wouldn't take the bin out of the shower before they took their shower, which lengthened the drying process for the bath toys. Water would still collect in the bottom and it got gross so that had to go too. To our rescue came: Lulu and Buddy Baby Bath Toy Scoop Rinse and Drain Organizer!

The scoop comes with a suction cup to attach it to your shower wall, and a nice large open-top scoop with a handle. We chose the pink one with the blue handle, but they also come in green with a pink handle or blue with a green handle. At first I had issues with getting the suction cup to stay in one place. We would fill up the scoop and it would plummet to the shower floor. I contacted the company who were super helpful and suggested using a Command Hook in place of the suction cup. I couldn't get the Command hook to stick to the shower wall well enough to use. I was going to give up hope when I tried the suction cup again, and it worked! Every once in awhile it will slip down and I will have to stick it back on, but not every 5 minutes like before.

The hassle of occasionally having to re-stick the suction cup is entirely worth it because the Lulu and Buddy Baby Bath Toy Scoop Rinse and Drain Organizer holds all of the toys that my little one likes to have in her bath. On top of that, the way it is designed with the large holes allows for air to easily move in and out which dries toys without causing harmful (and disgusting) mold and mildew. I also have not noticed any kind of build-up inside or outside of this product which is wonderful. It looks the same as it did when we pulled it out of the box! This keeps all of her toys neat, organized, clean and from becoming a total eyesore. Plus, I make a game out of her placing her toys away by seeing how fast she can get them all in the scoop. She loves it, and it teaches her to clean up after herself - all around amazing!

We love our Lulu and Buddy Baby Bath Toy Scoop Rinse and Drain Organizer and I give it 8 stars:

If you are in need of putting your children's bath toys in their place, I highly recommend this scoop! You can purchase one through Amazon HERE for only $11.96. Prices are subject to change because it's Amazon and the prices fluctuate constantly! Even still, they are normally only $21.95, so still entirely reasonable!

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