Wednesday, April 15, 2015

{Book Review} Dead Scary: The Ghost Who Refused to Leave by Sally Gould

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I love to read. If I could spend a day responsibility-free, many, many hours of that day would be spent with my nose in a book. That being said, my almost 10 year old son despises it. I mean, where did I go wrong? And believe me when I say, we have tried everything. Part of his homework is to read each night for 30 minutes, so oftentimes I do this with him to make sure he actually does it help him if he struggles. I think it gives him some one-on-one time, and hopefully makes reading a little more enjoyable. I was recently given the opportunity to review a book geared toward kids ages 9-12: Dead Scary: The Ghost Who Refused to Leave by Sally Gould, so I figured we would give this a whirl.

My son has a Kindle, so I downloaded this as an e-book. It is, however, available in paperback form too. When we started this, I was so glad that it was immediately engaging. He really needs something to rope him in or he gets discouraged and worse, uninterested. The story is about a boy named Adam, whose family inherits any child's dream home. With a tennis court, a game room and swimming pool, what more could you ask for? Adam experiences an encounter with an "earthbound spirit" or a ghost who is claiming his ownership of the home that they live in, and just so happens to be the same age as Adam. Adam, just like his Grandpa George, is able to communicate with ghosts. That being said, the rest of his family isn't too keen on it, so they tend to keep it between themselves. This ghost, Edward Lawrence, lays down the rules of the house, which revolve heavily around not making any noise. The novels tells of a battle of epic proportions between the living and the ghosts.

Dead Scary: The Ghost Who Refused to Leave by Sally Gould has 147 pages, so it was a perfect sized book for my son. We were able to read it in about a week. My son agrees that it was age-appropriate and an interesting read for him. I think that the paranormal aspect of it is intriguing to older elementary/middle school kids. I remember being totally enamored by ghosts and "real ghost stories" when I was his age. Even to this day I love to hear about real life encounters with the paranormal. I appreciate that this book allowed my son to read without counting the minutes, or huffing and puffing.

If you are interested in this genre, you can purchase this book through Amazon HERE. It is currently $2.99. Prices on Amazon fluctuate constantly, so there is no telling if or when this price may change.

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