Monday, May 4, 2015

Bubble Baths with Sweetsation Therapy

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I have a three year old that I swear is a water baby. She has always LOVED being in the water. Well, I don't think she enjoyed her first "bath" in the hospital (she screamed the whole time), but since then, she lives for baths. Anytime I even mention a bath she is already half way up the stairs taking her clothes off. She especially loves bubble baths. I mean, what is better than getting to play with bubbles, while in a big tub of water? To a three year old, nothing compares. She will play in the bath long past the water turns cold, just because she enjoys the water so much. My main issue is that so many bubble bath products are filled with disgusting ingredients that should not be touching the delicate skin of small children (or anyone, really). I'm happy to say that I found a wonderful alternative to conventional brands in Sweetsation Therapy's Bubble Therapy Pure and Natural Bubble Bath, Shampoo and Body Wash.

I have tried a number of Sweetsation Therapy's products, and they never disappoint. The brand is committed to providing consumers with organic skincare products for the entire family. This Bubble Bath is no different. It is formulated with natural and organic ingredients, that nurture the skin versus dry it out. Plus, having multi-purpose products eliminates the need for 100 different bottles in the shower, cluttering up the space. This product functions as a 3-in-1 for shampoo, body wash and bubble bath. It also includes ingredients such as calendula, chamomile and arnica to nourish, heal and protect. This comes in a 7.5 ounce bottle, with a flip-open top for easy pouring. The liquid itself smells like orange candy to me, but the scent is mild, not overwhelming.

The first thing I noticed about this Bubble Therapy Pure and Natural Bubble Bath, Shampoo and Body Wash is that it is very thick. So much so that when I first went to squeeze some out, it all got sucked back in when I released my hold. I've gotten used to distributing it properly and no longer have that problem. We most frequently use one to two tablespoons in my daughter's bath, as the water is filling up the tub, before she gets in. This provides an ample amount of bubbles for tons of fun! My daughter has eczema, and knowing that the ingredients used in the Bubble Therapy Pure and Natural Bubble Bath, Shampoo and Body Wash aid in soothing her skin make me feel good about using it. It's a great body wash and shampoo for her too. I found that it left her skin moisturized and soft, and her hair clean too. I always have to use conditioner with her because she is tender-headed, so I cannot attest to how this works on its own as a shampoo. The bottle is a little small, especially if you are using it as a shampoo, body wash and bubble bath, and even more so if you are using it for the entire family. That being said, a little goes a long way with natural/organic products, so you don't need as much as you may with other products. I have been using it mainly as a bubble bath to make it last longer.

We are enjoying our experience with Sweetsation Therapy's Bubble Therapy Pure and Natural Bubble Bath, Shampoo and Body Wash, and recommend it with 9 stars:

If you would like to purchase this Bubble Bath, you can do so HERE. It is currently available for $18.11 (+$3.47 for shipping), but that price is not guaranteed to last on Amazon. If you want to check out the entire line of Sweetsation Therapy products you can do so on their website, while keeping up with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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