Monday, September 21, 2015

{Book Review} - Let's Learn About The Lord's Prayer by Catherine DeVries

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Reading to my children at bed time was something I always wanted to make a "routine" in my house. I remember my mother reading to me as a small child, and I wanted that same special time each night with my own children. Plus, it gives them an opportunity to choose what book they want to hear that night. Sometimes in the life of a young child, it's a great privilege to make their own choices. Lately, my 3 year old has been choosing the same book over and over, and that book is Let's Learn About The Lord's Payer by Catherine DeVries (illustrated by Ryan Jackson). The main character is a 4 year old girl named Emma, who speaks right to the child as she teaches them the Lord's Payer and what it means. 

Let's Learn About The Lords Prayer is actually the first book in the HeartSmart series which was developed to teach children scripture in fun and engaging ways, allowing them to open their heart to God from a young age. What is unique about this series is that it pairs the scripture with song, so you can deliver the entertainment on another level too! The author, Catherine DeVries has written 20 books for children, so she is no newbie when it comes to pleasing their little ears and eyes. She is an associate publisher of Children's Resources at David C Cook, where she leads product development for The Action Bible collection, which has sold over a million copies! She lives with her husband, their three children and their large furry dog in the Colorado Mountains. 

Author Catherine DeVries

My 3 year old daughter has been LOVING this book. Each night, without fail she requests that we read this book. She always answers the questions that "Emma" asks, and has been very successful at learning the Lord's Prayer. She just started preschool earlier this month where they are learning The Lord's Prayer, so this book helps us to practice a home what she is also learning in school. I cannot forget to mention the illustrations too. I feel that they are perfect for this title, and very engaging for the young children. The book itself is like a board book so it much sturdier than other books we have - this was smart thinking! 

We have zero complaints about this book, and recommend it with 10 stars:

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