Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Polishing Up With Elba Naturals Micro Dermabrasion

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When it comes to skin care, I have to stick to a relatively strict routine. I have tried sooooooooo many different skin care products, and I have found many that work beautifully for my finicky skin, and others that almost immediately break me out. I am truly envious of those who have naturally perfect skin. One important step in my skin care routine is exfoliation. While I have been advised against it, since it can be irritating to already easily irritated skin, it is one thing that actually helps my skin for some reason. Using gel or cream cleansers does not leave my skin as squeaky clean as something with a little bit of texture to it. Plus, because I have several scars and post-acne marks, I make sure to use a micro dermabrasion once or twice per week as well. Lately, I have been using Elba Naturals n.5 Micro Dermabrasion.

Elba Naturals is a truly unique company that has formulated a number of skincare products. While they have all these products in their arsenal, they introduce products, one at a time, based on what their customers want. They claim to cater to the "green urban lifestyle" with natural skincare products made from quality ingredients. They currently offer 5 products, although I suspect that they will be launching a 6th soon, as there is a live countdown currently on their website, claiming to reveal "a surprise". When ordering products from Elba Naturals, you know you are receiving products with mostly natural and organic ingredients in them. On top of that, their products are made in the USA and are done so with cruelty-free practices.

The Elba Naturals n.5 Microdermabrasion comes in a small 1 fluid ounce jar. As you can see, it is white and has a gritty texture. It works immediately at sloughing off dead skin and making your skin feel brand new. I always love using this because my skin feels baby soft right after. This product has a very clean smell and a little goes a long way. I keep this right on my sink to remind myself to use it, and it has been there for a number of weeks. For as tiny as the jar is, I would have expected to be through it by now, however, it's still around! It is only meant to be used once or twice per week in addition to your usual skin care routine. In my experience, I have found that it is helpful in changing the overall texture in your skin. Sometimes I use this more frequently by adding a small bit of it to my regular cleanser to take it up a notch. Like I said, my skin thrives when it is being exfoliated constantly, so this product has seamlessly been added to my skincare routine. It also makes me feel like my serums and moisturizers are able to work more efficiently when they are being placed on a smooth canvas, so that is an added bonus. My one and only complaint about this product is the small size. A 1 ounce jar that retails for $58.00 is just something that would never be in my budget. I would feel too guilty. However, it is something I would check on Amazon to see when there are price drops (for example, it is currently $29.00). Overall, I would definitely recommend this product for those looking for a micro dermabrasion product that they can use at home.

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