Saturday, May 17, 2014

Book Review: My Bedtime Story Bible by Jean Syswerda, Illustrated by Daniel Howarth

Disclosure: Zondervan provided me with a free copy of this book for reviewing purposes.

I have a two year old, and she is quite the mover. It takes a lot to get her to slow down throughout the day, and while she used to love to sit and read books, even just to look at the pictures, that has become less frequent as of late. I can get her to sit through a couple of pages before she is off and on to the next task. I know this is typical, and "this too shall pass", but I love reading, so sometimes I just want to grab her, strap her to me, and make her sit for hours on end listening to stories and learning new things. That's not child abuse, right? Don't answer that. We recently received a copy of My Bedtime Story Bible by Jean Syswerda, and this has made reading at night much more of a success!

First of all, the beautiful illustrations by Daniel Howarth rope her right in. The pages are full of color, very high quality and printed on heavy, durable paper. Additionally, it is a hardcover book, so it can withstand extensive use. It is much better than many of the other books we own. On top of that, each story is short, just a couple of pages, so they coincide perfectly with her attention span (or lack thereof). I have found, in fact, that she will ask for more than one "story" each night out of this book - she actually requests several! I feel that this book is relevant for children age birth-5, but could easily be read to or by children who are older. I see this as a great family bed time book! Each story tells of important figures in the Bible, and how they prepare for bed. The tone is very calming, and truly does promote relaxation. While these stories do not necessarily teach the Bible, they can help young children become familiar with the prominent figures in the Bible, as well as the many lessons. I enjoy the "Tuck In" message at the conclusion of each story. This gives the readers (or "listeners") a prompt to thank or ask God for something . I find this to be helpful in teaching children to be grateful for many things, but more importantly, how to say prayers. I would definitely recommend this book for parents who are looking for a religious-based bedtime story to share with their children. The quality is truly second-to-none. We will read this in our house for many years to come!

I give My Bedtime Story Bible by Jean Syswerda, Illustrated by Daniel Howarth 10 stars:

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Disclosure: I received this item for free from Zondervan in exchange for an honest review. The opinions and experiences stated here are my own.

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