Thursday, May 8, 2014

Getting Right in the Kitchen with Suprah's Ultra-Thin Tempered Glass Digital Kitchen Scale

I recently had the opportunity to review a wonderful kitchen scale from Surpahs, and am excited to share my experience! If you are new to kitchen scales (and I certainly was), let me tell you some of the helpful ways that you can use one in your kitchen. 
Picture taken from Surpahs website - this is the scale I received

Reason #1: Your measuring cups are *gasp* meant for measuring liquid - That's right, folks...all of your dry ingredients should be measured by weight, and not by the traditional measuring cup. You thought you were a bad baker? Try using a scale and follow a recipe that includes weight measurement for it's list of dry ingredients. Flour, for example, is a truly difficult ingredient to measure by anything but weight because of it's texture. And don't be lazy...most recipe sites will convert recipes for you, and there is probably an app for that.

Reason #2: America has decided that a single serving of food is about the size of a house, which is likely the same reason we are also considered an overly obese country. Did you know that a single serving of meat, fish or poultry is 2-3 ounces? This tends to be about the size of a deck of cards. Was the last steak you ate that size? I'm willing to bet it was more likely the size of your foot. An accurate way to keep track of the amount of food you are consuming, and in the correct portion sizes is to measure them with a kitchen scale. This is especially helpful for individuals who are on diets that focus on portion control.

Reason #3: It eliminates mess. That's right! Have you ever confidently placed your cupcakes in the oven, feeling all accomplished and proud of yourself, only to take a look around the kitchen and realize the disaster you still have to clean up? With a kitchen scale, you place the bowl on the scale, zero it out (so it isn't measuring the weight of the bowl) and measure your ingredients that way, zeroing the scale out after each ingredient. Think, bag to bowl and....Voila! 

If that hasn't convinced you of the benefits of the modern-day kitchen scale, read on. My experience with the Surpahs Ultra-Thin Tempered Glass Digital Kitchen Scale has been great! I found that initially we all started weighing everything in the house just to see it work. This makes you truly aware of how much you are putting in your body. It has several useful settings so you can accurately measure in: grams, ounces (lbs), milliliters, and fluid ounces. Plus, the sleek design makes it simple to keep out for everyday use, and the tempered glass allows for simple and thorough clean-up. Additionally, this has touch settings (to control the unit and tare), which contribute to it's modern design. I found this scale to be accurate, and yes, I did measure it's accuracy (by putting a nickle on it and making sure it read 5 grams-getting scientific over here!).

I enjoy this scale and highly recommend it with 10 stars:

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The Surpahs Ultra-Thin Tempered Glass Digital Kitchen Scale retails for $34.99, and can be purchased through Amazon. As a side note, this is available for $18.98 right now, so this would be an excellent opportunity to grab it at a discounted price.

Disclosure: I was given the opportunity to receive this product for free in exchange for an honest review. The opinions and experiences stated here are my own. 

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