Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Getting Luxe in the Bathroom with a Microfiber Hair Towel

Does it ever feel like the few minutes it takes to blow dry your hair is the equivalent to an eternity? I swear that sometimes it just drags on forever. Not to mention, it isn't actually GOOD for your hair to destroy it with heat and styling day after day. I don't mind it as much once the weather starts cooling, but during the heat of the Summer, it is almost painful to even think about blow-drying my hair. One item I have found that makes you feel like you are at a spa, while also absorbing more moisture than a traditional hair towel is the Luxe Beauty Essentials Microfiber Hair Towel.

This towel feels heavenly. It's SO fluffy (*said in the voice of Agnes from Despicable Me*). I am such a sucker to my senses. If it doesn't look, feel and smell right, it's not for me! I love that this towel is white for ease of cleaning - hello bleach! I remember reading a tip on Pinterest a long time ago that I never forgot. It said to always buy towels, wash cloths, etc... especially those used for guests in your home in white because you can bleach them so they will always look vibrant, new and clean. It is a nice size too (as seen in the above picture - 19'' x 39''). Microfiber is more absorbent than cotton, and this towel is constructed with double-sided brushed terry which contributes to it's plush qualities.

Here is an up-close view of the towel, so you can see the texture a little better. I have super long hair, so in order for this towel to be long enough, I have to wrap it from the bottom versus flipping my head over and doing it that way. My hair is also kind of on the thicker size - not coarse thick, but full thick - let's put it this way, I don't need to use volume-enhancing products. I found that this slightly decreased the amount of time I spent blow-drying my hair. Typically, it takes me about 5 or 6 minutes. After wearing the Luxe Beauty Essentials Microfiber Hair Towel, and then gently towel drying with it, it takes about 4 minutes. While this isn't life-changing, I think my hair benefits from having less damaging heat on it, which saves it's healthiness in the long run. 

Above all else, I love this towel for how soft and luxurious it is. I wish it was large enough to be a towel, or a bath robe or even a blanket for my bed. It is just so comfortable! For allowing me to bring a piece of the spa into my home bathroom, I give this towel 10 stars:

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If you too wish to bring such luxury to your hair routine, run HERE to grab yours for $17.97 (it is normally $21.97 and Amazon changes prices frequently, so it may not stay this price for any significant amount of time). 

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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