Monday, October 27, 2014

Spirulina - How's That For a Name?

If you have no idea what Spirulina is, don't worry, you are not alone. I had no clue what it was either, and now it makes it's way into my life (and smoothies) more often. Some major benefits that are packed into this dark green powder include immune-boosting properties, defense against aging and free radicals and providing a serious dose of many vitamins and minerals. With cold and flu season on the foreseeable horizon, I plan to sneak this stuff into everything I can.

This is a decent sized package with 16 ounces of Spirulina powder. You only use about a tablespoon when you are mixing it in with juices smoothies or meals/snacks, so an entire bag could last at least a month (when used multiple times per day). It's so easy to throw it into my smoothies, and the kids love how their morning smoothies have gone from a light pink color to GREEN! I love it because it packs a nutritional punch without changing the flavor or texture of what it is added to.

Don't let that dark green color or the scent that emanates from the bag (it smells a little fishy to me - reminds me of Omega 3 oils) fool you - it will leave your food green without changing the taste. If you struggle to get your daily dose of vitamins, or have children (or husbands!) that do, this is a super alternative. It requires no swallowing of horse pills, while still delivering all of this goodness:

And it is USDA certified organic! I love seeing that little stamp on anything that ends up in my pantry. This Sari Foods Organic Spirulina Powder is so simple to incorporate into your daily routine. As I said, I most frequently use it in smoothies, however, for those that do not like smoothies, the purchase of this item will also get you a free e-book of Spirulina recipes which include hummus, guacamole, pasta dishes and seasonings! Great to have if you are wanting to incorporate it into many different parts of your day.

If you are looking to add more vitamins and minerals to your diet with little effort on your part, there is no easier way than tossing the Sari Foods Organic Spirulina Powder on, well, just about anything!

For the ease and versatility, this gets 10 stars from us!

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If you wish to purchase your own bag of Sari Foods Spirulina Powder, you may do so on Amazon HERE. Next, connect with them through their website, Facebook and Twitter

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