Monday, January 5, 2015

You Have To Teach Them Young

Children and responsibility is such a touchy subject across the parenting world these days. I think we all strive to have our children grow up to be moral, functioning individuals, but the road there can vary from household to household, and even child to child. My first-born is a bit on the "messy" side. He would rather play with his things then throw them in a bucket, or under his bed than actually put them back where he found them. The whole out of sight out of mind thing... We decided to take a bit of a different approach with #2 and introduce basic household chores and tasks at a much younger age. Luckily, there are some awesome toys out there to foster this practice for the little ones, including the Kidzlane Pretend Dyson Vacuum for Kids.

My daughter loves to follow me around the house and "help" with all of the chores. She has her own broom and sweep set, and now this very detailed Pretend Dyson Vacuum. We use a Dyson vacuum, so this toy is special to her because she feels "just like Mom" when she plays with it. And I love that it teaches her that chores are important, and also fun. Believe it or not, when I get my vacuum out, BOTH of the kids fight over this so they can vacuum alongside me. No complaints here, for sure!

The Kidzlane Pretend Dyson Vacuum for Kids is a wonderful toy choice for parents and caregivers who wish to provide realistic toy options. The vacuum is over 25 inches high, so it is the perfect height for young children. It is also lightweight and easy to maneuver. It is recommended for children ages 3+, although my 2 year old uses it like a pro. The vacuum requires 4 "C" batteries which are not included. Once the batteries are installed, the child can turn the vacuum on to experience the cyclonic action in the barrel as well as realistic noises. I love that this is not loud at all, as some toys are so obnoxiously loud I feel that the manufacturer aimed to annoy parents versus please them. This particular vacuum also does suck up small amounts of debris making it more "real" for the kids. Aside from the benefit of making cleaning enjoyable, this toy also provides benefits to hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, exploration, discovery, understanding cause and effect and developing motor skills. While I appreciate the many benefits that this vacuum has to offer, my favorite is that it gets the kids interested and willing to participate in the everyday chores around the house. Try to put a price tag on that!

This is the part that collects debris and can be emptied

We love the Kidzlane Pretend Dyson Vacuum for Kids and give it 10 stars:

If this is a toy you wish to purchase, you can do so on Amazon HERE where it is currently $36.99. The price may vary as Amazon prices fluctuate often.

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