Friday, March 20, 2015

Getting my Skin Summer-Ready with NuElle Triple Action Anti-Cellulite Concentrate

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While we are still bearing the colder temps, and I am pretty sure it snowed just the other day, thoughts of sunshine, shorts and bikinis flood my mind. I have no idea why I am so ready for Summer this year, but I am. That being said, my body typically takes a little bit of a beating during the "hibernation" months. Between the Holidays and the "comfort food", it's like the Freshman 15 every Winter. That's what hoodies and sweats are for right? In an attempt to reduce some of the cellulite I have accumulated, I jumped on the opportunity to try out NuElle Triple Action Anti-Cellulite Concentrate, which is basically a pump-top lotion aimed at reducing cellulite with natural ingredients.

I have been tall and thin my whole life, so until I had kids cellulite wasn't even an issue. Once I had kids I found that weight was a little easier for me to put on, and I could see that "cottage cheese" or "dimpling" that I had always heard other people complain about. It was uncharted territory for so long, and I suppose I am lucky for that. Now I actually have to take additional measure to maintain my build. One area that I notice it most is in my thighs, so this was where I decided to use this product. I also must preface this by saying that I tend to have a difficult time introducing a new item into my routine that adds an additional step. I don't always use body lotion because in the colder months I just want to get my clothes on and not worry about them sticking to me. That being said, I did not use this product every single day, let alone twice per day so my experience could significantly differ from anyone else's.

The NuElle Triple Action Anti-Cellulite Concentrate is formulated with all natural and organic ingredients including CoQ10, Algae Extract, Seaweed Extract and Caffeine to contribute to it's ability to blast away fat, while also smoothing the outward appearance of your skin. This lotion comes with pretty specific directions as well. You are to use it either two hours after eating, or one hour before eating. The premise behind this is that your body can only burn fat when there is none in the blood stream. It is also to be rubbed in a circular motion in the affected area (most commonly being the thighs, buttocks and stomach). The lotion will create a "sauna effect" in the areas that you apply it, which basically feels like a warm tingling. It definitely feels like it gets your blood flowing and thus gives a boost to your circulation in these areas. It also works best as part of a healthy lifestyle, meaning consistent exercise and healthy eating choices. Visible results should show up after 2-3 weeks of continued use.

In my experience, I have seen more of a difference and feel in the appearance of my skin then with the diminishing of my cellulite. That being said, I have very little time for exercise (unless carrying my 2 year old up and down the stairs 436 times per day for bathroom trips counts?), and as I mentioned previously, I did not use this twice per day. I plan to continue to use this in it's entirety to give myself the best shot at "Summer thighs" I can get. Maybe I should set alarms on my phone so I remember to apply it twice per day? Even though I don't look like an airbrushed model out of a magazine, I have to say that this lotion has delivered in the skin tone and softness departments. It smells a little different, and it's the only lotion I use that provides a warming sensation, which also tells me that it's working. As a side note, it smells a little weird, but it doesn't seem to linger, and I wash my hands after applying it.

I have high hopes for this lotion and give it 7 stars:

If you are interested in trying NuElle Triple Action Anti-Cellulite Concentrate you can purchase a very generous 5 ounce bottle for $24.00 (plus $2.97 shipping) HERE. As per my usual disclaimer, this price is subject to change at any time.

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