Friday, March 20, 2015

Sun Protection - Adult Style

Disclosure: The item(s) mentioned below were provided complimentary for the purpose of an honest review. The opinions stated here are based upon my personal experience with the product(s) and are entirely my own. Regardless, I only recommend products or services that I feel would benefit my readers.

A few weeks ago I posted about my newest sunscreen for the kiddos. Well, shortly after that I was given the opportunity to try another product from the same brand, but for adults. Of course I jumped right on that! I've been shying away from many of the big name brands when it comes to sun protection for a few years now. Aside from containing toxic ingredients, their "spray" sunblocks have hooked people with their convenience when they are even worse because you end up breathing those particles of toxic-ness into your lungs. Gross! So, it may take us longer to get lathered up in our lotion-style sunscreens, but it will be worth it in the long run! The Sun Si'belle Broad Spectrum Mineral Moisturizing Sunscreen by Sweetsation Therapy is an SPF 30 and is tinted too, so you aren't left feeling and looking chalky.

One of my favorite thing about this line of products is that they have ewg (Environmental Working Group) ratings that are in the low range (0-2), which means they are safer. Many of the big brand names that are readily available on supermarket shelves have VERY high scores (7-9) suggesting they use ingredients that are linked to cancer, or disruption to the important systems in our bodies. This is so important to me because I feel very strongly about not putting toxic chemicals on the skin of my children who are still developing. I feel the same way about what we put in our bodies too, and make an effort to choose a lot of REAL food and not processed junk. Although we do all need to indulge sometimes!

One of the biggest complaints about mineral sunscreens is that they tend to leave a dry feel behind, and they cast a white "glow" on your skin. In the past I have simply dealt with it because I would take looking like a porcelain doll over skin cancer from prolonged sun exposure any day of the week. The Sun Si'belle Broad Spectrum Mineral Moisturizing Sunscreen is tinted, so that takes care of looking like a ghost. That being said, it is still tinted a light color, so if you have a darker complexion, it still may have that effect on you. I am super pale, so it works for me. That being said, I do not use this on my face because I have break-out prone skin. I have to use products specifically made for facial application, so I cannot speak to how this works on facial skin. Otherwise, I have found that this leaves my skin feeling moisturized, and not dried out, that it blends in flawlessly, that it leaves no greasy/oily residue behind and that it smells nice (minty and herbal). I make sure to shake this up really well before use, as there will be some separation if you don't. This is just protocol with pretty much any sunblock that I use, but for those new to mineral sunblocks, this is part of the gig.

I have been nothing but impressed with Sunsation Therapy products and can highly recommend the Sun Si'belle Broad Spectrum Mineral Moisturizing Sunscreen with 10 stars:

If you are gearing up for the warmer weather and more time spent outdoors, hurry to Amazon and grab a tube for yourself HERE. It is currently on sale for $27.00 (+$1.98 for shipping), and this price is subject to change at any time. They also offer a unique variety of products that you can explore on their website, while keeping current with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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