Monday, March 30, 2015

Taking Paprika to a Whole New Level!

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I enjoy cooking, so I am always on the lookout for new ingredients to try, new spices to use, or new methods to test out. There are times when I get stuck in a food rut, where I keep making the same variety of meals over and over, and eventually it gets boring. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's delicious, but I also like to try new things to add to our rotation. One thing that I am starting to use more are herbs and spices. I have always followed directions and just added them as I was supposed to, but I hope to understand what flavors each brings to a dish, and how they can be combined to enhance and deepen the different flavors in dishes. I recently reviewed 2 new spices that bring a whole new dimension to a classic!

I think everyone uses Paprika at some point in time. I have always thought of Paprika as a color enhancer. You add it to deviled eggs to give it that little pop of color on top, or add it to the coating in friend chicken to give it a deeper color, but that it doesn't really have much of a taste to it. I was so excited to try out the Kiva Gourmet Sweet Smoked Paprika and Hot Smoked Paprika because I knew it would bring something substantial to a typically bland spice. First of all, this is a product of Spain, and more specifically, the La Vera Region of Spain. Here, they take hand-harvested peppers and smoke and dry them over holm oak for a minimum of 14 days. These spices are created with precision and care n small batches to ensure ample quality. The company also strives to achieve eco-friendly and sustainable methods, which is a huge plus, in my opinion.

What I love most about the Kiva Gourmet Sweet Smoked Paprika and Hot Smoked Paprika is the taste that it brings. I really love that "smoked" taste, and feel that it brings such a comforting flavor to traditional foods. It is a nice woodsy-smoke flavor. At first I had no idea what I would use these spices for, so I will answer that for you. Smoked Spanish Paprika is recommended to be used while cooking rice, meats, seafood, stews, soups, eggs and vegetables. I am so excited to bust out the grill and make a delicious rub with these spices. Until then, I use it to add flavor to omelets, chili, deviled eggs, rice and meats.... The Sweet Smoked Paprika has a distinct "smoked" flavor which reminds me of a barbeque. I definitely think that this spice would make the perfect rub to meat that is then doused in BBQ sauce before being grilled (or even baked). The Hot Smoked Paprika adds a little zing to it. The heat is definitely tolerable though, which makes it versatile. There are not too many people in this world who want to burn their tongue off every time they eat. This is great for chili if you want to make it a tad spicier without needing to add the crushed red pepper. My hubby, son and I really love a little "kick" to our food, so this is perfect for us. Adds enough spice without being overwhelming, or taking over the other flavors of the food. These are also great to use when you make burgers. It gives it a unique flavor that

The Kiva Gourmet Sweet Smoked Paprika and Hot Smoked Paprika have become instant pantry staples, and I highly recommend them with 10 stars:

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