Monday, June 1, 2015

Review of Blue Diamond Almonds : Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. The opinions stated here are entirely my own.

I am a victim of random snacking. I find myself several times throughout the day looking for something quick and easy that will hold me over to the next meal. My kids must have inherited this too. They are constantly scouring the cupboards for something to munch on. The issue is, there are very few "convenience" foods that are guilt-free. Often they are filled with sugar, preservatives, calories, trans fat, etc... I also have a bit of a sweet tooth, so in a hurry and without much thought, I absolutely will resort to chocolate anything. I often run on auto-pilot while doing my grocery shopping and simply buy the same things we do every week, giving myself little opportunity to explore what healthy snack options there are out there. Luckily, being a Tastemaker gets me a front-seat to some of the new products from Blue Diamond, and their flavored almonds are my new healthy snack of choice!

I was sent a bag of Blue Diamond Almonds in Sea Salt and another bag in Dark Chocolate. I love the taste of almonds, so these were perfect for me. Blue Diamond has been a huge name in Almonds for as long as I can remember. We've always purchased this brand, and find it to be a household brand and name that we trust for quality and taste. Almonds are a healthy and delicious snack thanks to the fact that they are a good source of protein and fiber while being low in sodium, cholesterol and sugar. Plus, almonds are chock-full of Vitamin E. And most importantly, they are grab-and-go! For people who are on the move, or for families who have busy weeknights, these are the perfect take-along snack. While reading the ingredients, I also noticed that these almonds do not have harmful and toxic added ingredients, but instead are full of things I can pronounce.

I was a little skeptical when I tried the Blue Diamond Dark Chocolate Almonds because I am a lover of milk chocolate, and don't tend to care for the bitterness of dark chocolate, even though I know it is better for you. I was pleasantly surprised that these has a very smooth, creamy chocolate flavor that paired deliciously with the nutty taste of the almonds. I could easily use this as my "chocolate fix" because it tastes that good! Not only that, but it's healthy so I don't have to feel guilty about it. The Blue Diamond Sea Salt Almonds are like your traditional salted almonds with the benefit of using sea salt instead of regular salt. I'm a huge fan because they taste good anytime of day, and are perfect to pair with fruit, cheese or peanut butter to maximize your snacking experience. I also like to mix the two flavors to create a one of a kind dark chocolate and sea salt almond medley. It's a real treat!

I give the Blue Diamond Flavored Almonds 10 stars:

You can purchase Blue Diamond Almonds at your local retailer, and you can check their item locator to find a specific product near you! 

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