Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Last Cleaner You'll Ever Need!

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I am a bit OCD when it comes to being clean. You may not know it when you are in my house, but if I could spend the entire day cleaning and making sure there are zero germs or dirt in my home, I really would. I am always trying to find good cleaners, or discover tips and tricks for how to clean more difficult spaces. With 2 kids, a husband and a very large black lab that loves him some dirt, sometimes the task of keeping things sparkling, just isn't realistic.....unfortunately. That being said, when it comes time to clean, I need a cleaner that is effective and powerful enough to battle the grime. I recently tried Greenwald's All-Purpose Cleanser Kit and I am impressed with the quality and ease of this product.

Greenwald's All-Purpose Cleanser Kit comes with a professional 32 ounce sized spray bottle, 6 pre-measured concentrate refills and instructions on use. Part of what makes this system so unique is the fact that you are given enough product to fill the spray bottle 6 times! That saves you trips to the store when you realize you are out of cleaning supplies. Even better is the fact that it takes up such a small amount of space. See, when you prepare this cleaner, you take one of the pre-measured concentrate, which is in a water soluble sack, and place it into the empty spray bottle. You fill the water bottle with warm water, wait a minute or two, and gently shake to distribute the liquid throughout. It's mess-free, and because each small sack holds the contents for one whole bottle, your cupboards are not filled to the brim with cleaning products. The Greenwald's All-Purpose Cleanser Kit comes in a citrus scent that is not overwhelming, just an overall pleasant and clean scent.

I use the Greenwald's All-Purpose Cleanser to clean everything around the house. Counters, floors, cabinets doors, walls....just everything. It is tough on dirt and grime requiring less time scrubbing. For everyday messes this is entirely capable, however, it is commercial grade, so I tend to use it if there is something tough to clean, or super dirty. I don't use this on surfaces that touch food very often because there are several chemicals in it that I don't want my food near, and I don't want to have to post-wash my surfaces. That is the only downfall of the Greenwald's All-Purpose Cleanser Kit, the fact that it is not all-natural or organic. That being said, most cleaners are not, so this will likely not pose an issue for most. Again, this does a phenomenal job at cleaning everyday dirt and grime that builds up around the house, smells great, and leaves my surfaces looking brand new.

I confidently give the Greenwald's All-Purpose Cleanser Kit 8 stars:

If you want to discover the products that they offer, you can check out their website. If you are interested in purchasing their All-Purpose Cleaner Kit, you can find them on Amazon for $19.95, which is such a reasonable price for how much you are getting! As always, this price can change at any time.

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