Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Calming My Skin With Neutralyze

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I've suffered with acne since I was a teenager. I really feel like the better part of my life has been littered with having to combat acne, because lets face it, it's gross. I've tried a number of different things from prescription creams, to prescription medications, to systems aimed at clearing acne and even natural methods. Some have worked better than others, and for the most part I have shied away from prescription anything because I just don't trust the motives of large pharmaceutical companies and brands. For the most part, I just deal with my acne and buy expensive full-coverage foundation that will cover it up. Since becoming an adult, my acne has turned more hormonal in nature, which results in large, cystic acne that resides mainly on my chin. It's painful and lasts longer than your average "whitehead" because it's under the skin, and can't be popped. Today I will share my experience with an acne system that I recently tried out by Neutralyze.

As you can see, Neutralyze is a 3 step system, designed to last for 30 days. Step 1 is the face wash, which is a creamy wash formulated to rid your face of dirt, oil and bacteria without stripping your skin of it's natural moisture. Step 2 is the spot treatment which combines 1% salicylic acid with mandelic acid (an aha derived from almonds) to deliver a one-two punch, as it eliminates current acne while also providing healing to the skin through dead skin cell removal. And lastly, step 3, the synergyzer, which corrects the pH balance of skin, helping it to heal faster. When used correctly, this system claims to correct, heal and prevent acne vulgaris, gently. When using this system, it is essential to use it correctly. First, you wash your face with the face wash, pat dry and apply the spot treatment. After that, it works best if you wait 5-15 minutes to apply the synergyzer. After that, you should wait another 5-10 minutes before you apply anything else (moisturizer, sunscreen, make-up, etc).

In my experience, this system has been ok. I get hormonal acne, so around that time of the month, my face will have a break-out session that tends to clear up just in time for it to happen again. Since using this I have found that my break outs tend to clear quicker, but they definitely have not gone away. Luckily, I have enough of the product to continue using it to see if elongated use increases it's effectiveness. Sometimes I have an issue with ditching something before I've given it a fair shot, but this I am going to continue using. Essentially, my acne did not form overnight, so I don't expect something to cure it overnight. The cleanser is a milky colored cream cleanser. I normally use about a dime sized amount of it when I wash my face. It lathers nicely, and has a very neutral smell, like a regular bar soap. I find that it does a great job at taking my makeup off, but if you have any doubts I would remove makeup first, and then proceed with the wash. The spot treatment is the blue-ish one, and it smells heavily of alcohol. Like, I could use it under my nose if ever I thought I might pass out. That being said, it sinks in and dries super fast, but does not leave your skin feeling robbed of any moisture. After applying that I will brush my teeth or blow dry my hair, do something to pass the 5-15 minutes before I apply the synergyzer. That has no scent, and brings a little tingle to your face as it promotes circulation. Then I find something to do for another 5-10 minutes before I apply my moisturizer. This system is time-consuming, and would be tricky to use for someone that finds themselves with little time to fit in the 20-30 minutes it takes to complete all steps. What I love most about this system is it's gentleness. Every other time I have used a system or a product aimed at eliminating acne, it has dried my skin out terribly! During the Summer, my skin is more normal versus dry, so I was so happy that this was non-irritating, and did not bring my face back to the desert it becomes in the Winter. I will continue to use this system until it is gone. While it is marketed as a 30 day supply I have been using it close to that and still have 3/4 of it left. I only use a very small amount of each of the products, so even though the containers are small it doesn't last any less time. Once this is gone I will contemplate re-purchasing.

Overall I am pleased with the Neutralyze system and hope to see better and better results with time. Right now I give it 7 stars (if I see improvements with continued use I will update my ranking):

If you struggle with acne and wish to combat it with gentle ingredients, I would definitely recommend giving Neutralyze a shot! You can find it on Amazon for $39.95 for a 30 day supply.

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