Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Toddler Jewelry That's Cute and Functional

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I'm not sure what has sparked this amber-necklace-wearing-toddler trend, but I love it! I feel like little kids love to wear jewelry, and what better than to find something cute AND functional that doesn't look hideous? Now, I realize that people are very torn over this. Some people believe it is a bunch of shenanigans, and other people swear that the only way they got their little ones through the awful stages of teething was via an Amber Teething Necklace. I have tried a couple of them now, 3 to be exact, and I love them! We recently tried one from Baltic Wonder, and we really like it!

The whole craze around Amber necklaces is that the Amber holds something called succinic acid, which has been used in the past as an anti-inflammatory. When worn around the neck, wrist, ankle, skin in general, the skin heats up the amber bead and releases the succinic acid into the skin where it heals. Therefore, it is suggested that babies who wear this necklace will reap the benefits, and be pain-free in the teething department. As I mentioned before, moms across the nation are torn on this subject where some claim these do absolutely nothing, and others say it was the life changing solution to teething for their children. I'm not here to debate the topic. My kids are through with teething, and for the most part I just love the way they look, and the fact that they are natural.

Excuse whatever is on her teeth.... just look at the necklace!
The Baltic Wonder Amber Teething necklace comes in a nice little bag with a certificate of authenticity. I am very grateful for the bag because the first Amber Necklace we ever had I lost, and still have yet to find it. It boggles my mind because I have no clue where it has gone, and I'm convinced it has run away with the missing sock pairs, my hair ties and likely my sanity too. Needless to say, having  a bag to keep it in makes it much less susceptible to loss, and for that, I give it two thumbs up. This necklace is 33 cm long, and as you can see wears pretty loose on my three year old. Sometimes they are a little tighter, and so long as it doesn't become a choker, I have no preference. Amber necklaces tend to be hand crafted, and are knotted after each bead, meaning if it ever does break, you won't lose all of the beads. Plus, the necklace screws together in the back so you never have to worry about faulty clips or anything breaking. It's very sturdy, looks cute and makes my daughter feel like a princess. What's great is that these are unisex too! Baltic Wonder also provides a 1 year guarantee with this necklace, so you have nothing to lose!

I am a fan of our Baltic Wonder Amber Teething Necklace and give it 10 stars:

If you are interested in trying out this necklace, you can purchase it for the current price of $16.99 on Amazon.

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