Thursday, August 6, 2015

Organize Your Batteries!

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Everyone has a "junk drawer" in their house right? It's not just us? We have a drawer, or maybe it is a couple of drawers throughout the house that hold the miscellaneous items. You know, the items you sweep off the table when guests come over, the random broken pieces of toys you keep because you know if you throw it out it will be the piece that makes such-and-such toy actually work, and random papers from who knows when that you saved for who knows why. Regardless, they get thrown into the junk drawer and there they reside until you go in there once a year, realize you haven't used any of that stuff for a year, and then throw it all out. Well, up until recently, our batteries used to reside in the junk drawer. Eventually we saw what a catastrophe that was, and we bought a plastic bin to keep the batteries in. This temporarily helped because we knew where all the batteries where, but it provided zero organization to the whole process. Then came the Kovot Battery Organizer.

This thing is GREAT! If you are any shade of OCD, you will see this and need it in your life immediately. Seeing your batteries organized and accessible will bring pure joy to your heart. The Kovot Battery Organizer holds a total of 72 batteries, including AAA, AA, C, D, 9 Volt, CR and AG13 Button Cells. It's quite comprehensive! Not to mention, you can lay it in a drawer, or it comes with hardware to mount it on the wall. The organizer itself is a decent size (obviously it has to hold batteries, even the big ones), with these dimensions: 1.4 x 7.2 x 1.8 inches. Aside from storing all of your batteries in one place, it also has a tester on them. So, when you find a random battery floating around, you no longer have to wonder if it is any good, or needs to be recycled. In the upper left and corner of the Kovot Battery Organizer there is a tester with 3 ports. Port A is for testing the 3V Button Cells, port B is for the AA, AAA, C and D batteries and port C is for the 9 Volt batteries.

In my experience, this thing has been great. It actually fits inside of the bin we were using to store our batteries, so I haven't even had a reason to mount it on the wall, although I kind of want to mount it on the wall in the little closet in our back room so it's even more accessible. Aside from keeping our batteries all in one place, the things that I love the most about this is the battery tester. You have no idea how often I find random batteries laying around the house. And quite frankly, I have no idea why either. Anywho..... now, when I find them, I can test them to see if they are still any good, or if they are dead. As you can see, the tester is very easy to use too. Initially it took me a second to figure it out, but once I realized the top part opened so that you had metal toughing each side of the battery (for all but the button cells and 9 volts), I was good to go! When you see the tester it is obvious where the button cell and 9 volts are tested.

Overall, I use this thing all of the time, and it's been wonderful! I give the 

If you are looking to organize and keep track of the batteries around your house, I highly suggest you purchase this organizer! You can find it on Amazon for only $12.99!

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