Saturday, August 15, 2015

Minty Showers with Oleavine

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What do you look for in a body wash? A few years ago, I would have been happy with anything that lathered up nicely and smelled good. Nowadays, you'll be most likely to find me reading labels and researching what I am willing to spend my money on before I buy it. The ingredients in our everyday products are pretty despicable, and I am sick of supporting companies that choose to use them in their products. The bottom line is, it isn't safe, and if I can avoid it, I will. Luckily, there are several long-sanding businesses and new businesses rising who have come to this same conclusion, and they make products intended to help and heal instead of harm. One such company and product is Oleavine All Natural Therapeutic Soap.

Oleavine is a company that was developed with a mission to provide effective products created with natural ingredients. The All Natural Therapeutic Soap is a foot and body wash meant to revitalize your senses while having the natural strength of tea tree oil to wash away any trace of fungus, bacteria, body odor and dry, itchy skin. This wash claims to combat even some more serious skin conditions includng: athlete's foot, ring worm, jock itch, acne, nail fungus and yeast. The ingredient list on this baby is super duper long, but not because it contains ingredients that are man-made in a lab. Instead, it is chock full of essential oils that are useful in cleaning, deodorizing and treating common skin concerns. On top of that, this product uses only natural and organic ingredients, has zero synthetic fragrance, is free of preservatives, parabens, petroleum, phthalates, sulfates, chemical detergents, gluten, and is cruelty-free too! The Oleavine All Natural Therapeutic Soap comes in a 12 fluid ounce sized bottle, is a thin yellowish liquid cleanser and comes in 3 scents (Mint, Lavender and Soothng Menthol Mint).

I am used to the smell of tea tree oil, so the scent of this wash was not off-putting to me. People who are not used to using natural products are going to initially think this smells too strong, and disgusting. It actually smells more like mint than anything else (mostly because I have the mint scented one), but when you are used to toxin-laden artificial fragrances, you need to get used to natural scents. For example, I originally found things like witch hazel and tea tree oil to smell awful, but after using them for long enough, I actually think they smell good. What's nice about the intense mint scent is how it makes the bathroom smell so clean and fresh after using it. Plus, it literally makes your skin tingle, so it's a quick pick-me-up, or wake-up call in the morning - it definitely gets your senses working! The wash itself is a thinner liquid, but it does lather up. I would caution that less is more here. This is another mistake you make when going from conventional body washes to natural and organic body washes. Natural products tend to be more concentrated, so using your usual amount is unnecessary. When I use this body wash, I find that my skin is left feeling invigorated, clean and soothed. I get no tight, dry feeling afterward, but I must say that avoiding sensitive areas while using this may be a good idea. I will spare you the details, but I know from personal experience. My only issue with this wash is that it is a tad pricey for the cost.

Overall, I give Oleavine All Natural Therapeutic Soap 8 stars:

If you are looking for a multi-purpose body wash, you can buy this one on Amazon where it is currently $16.75. You can find out more about their products on their website and Facebook.

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