Thursday, November 20, 2014

Vitamin C Serum to the Rescue!

As you know, or as you are about to know, I suffer from and have suffered from acne for YEARS. It has evolved and changed over the years, and in the more recent past it has been the all hormonal, cystic acne that is concentrated on my chin. Acne anywhere and anytime is embarrassing, so I am so thankful for the wonderful creators of full-coverage foundations and powders who have come to my face's rescue. Regardless of how much make-up I use, I am reminded when I take it off of the damage it has done to my face. I have terrible marks and scars that plague my face and squash any dream I have of every going make-up free (in public anyway). I gave my BFF some Vitamn C serum that I had on hand because she was curious about it and had been reading about how well it works at clearing up acne scars. That got me interested, and shortly thereafter, I was given the opportunity to review a Vitamin C Serum by Bonapiel.

The Bonapiel Vitamin C Facial Serum is formulated to fight the signs of aging, while tightening, brightening and lightening those problematic areas of your skin. The serum uses a whopping 18% Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid Serum to do all of that! It also has a ton of other great organic and natural ingredients that help to hydrate and protect the skin too, including: aloe vera, jojoba oil, witch hazel and vitamin e. This comes in a 1 ounce sized bottle with a pump top that makes it perfect to distribute just the right amount of product. The serum itself is very watery (as most serums are), but I was definitely expecting something that had more of a gel-like consistency because of the pump top. It naturally unscented, but reminds me of how fresh water smells.  

I am so skeptical of most things because so few things have actually worked enough for me to notice. I know that many serums and moisturizers and cleansers tend to do work that we can't see, so 
I don't want to discredit any products. Plus, I don't document my use of each and every product that I have ever used. Until I got this serum. I figured I would document it and see if it is actually doing anything to benefit my skin. I started using this twice a day. A little really goes a long way so I would use one to one-and-a-half squirts of the Bonapiel Vitamin C Facial Serum after my toner and before my moisturizer. More often, I will add about 1/2 a squirt to a small amount of my moisturizer and mix it together before applying. I can use less of each product which means they each last longer. Now, I'm hesitant to post this picture because I hate to have my bare face vulnerable to the internet, but I have seen phenomenal improvements in my skin since using this serum and it is worth sharing for others who may also be suffering from acne marks and scars (which take FOREVER to fade without expensive, painful treatments). The first picture is before, the second, about 2 weeks in, and the the third was this morning - so about 5 weeks in:

 I was even shocked when I made this collage and could see the difference this has made on the appearance of my red marks. I knew I had to share these results because for such little effort, and less expensive than any dermatological treatment, this has yielded pretty dramatic results for me personally.

It wouldn't make sense for me to give the Bonapiel Vitamin C Facial Serum anything less than 10 stars:

If you are seeking any of the aforementioned benefits that this Vitamin C serum has to offer, I highly recommend that you go HERE to purchase your own bottle for $37.95 (this price may change as prices on Amazon fluctuate often). 

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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