Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dreaming of Warmer Weather, and Thinking of SPF

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As I look out my window I see the FEET of snow on the ground that have accumulated over the past two weeks. In my head, I dream of warm weather, sunshine and water. Wishful thinking, I know. I don't hate Winter or snow, but I don't love it after Christmas. By the time Spring rolls around, I embrace the more tolerable temps and the frequency of seeing that burning ball of fire that is the sun. One thing that I always start researching around this time of year is sunscreen. I like to have myself stocked up before the warmer weather arrives so that I am prepared. I take very specific precautions with what we use to protect ourselves from the sun, so most of the time I order the products offline and stock up to ensure there are no sun-related emergencies that would lead to me having to buy something unsafe. Read the labels on your sunscreen, and understand what the ingredients are - you may be terrified at what you are slathering or spraying onto your body, or even worse, onto your children's bodies. While they may protect your family from sunburn, they may also contribute to toxic levels of chemicals. I'm LOVING this new Sun 'N Fun Broad Spectrum Mineral Sunscreen made by Sweetsation Therapy that I recently got to try!

First and foremost, this Sunscreen is made with natural and organic ingredients. We often forget that our skin is our largest organ; Any and everything that is put on it should be thoroughly considered, as it gets absorbed into our bodies, where our organs are. Being a mineral sunscreen, the active ingredient is 20% Zinc. This is much safer than the unpronounceable ingredients in many other readily available and cheap alternative n the market. I have tried a slew of mineral sunscreens and one of my biggest complaints is the white "glow" it leaves behind. Very few are non-greasy, and most literally leave you looking like a porcelain doll, after you spend an hour rubbing it in. The Sun 'N Fun Broad Spectrum Mineral Sunscreen does none of this! It is simple to rub in, absorbs completely, and leaves no evidence behind. Another complaint I have of other natural sunscreens is the scent. Many claim they are non-scented, which is great, but sometimes "unscented" has a scent..... and I don't like it. This Sun 'N Fun Broad Spectrum Mineral Sunscreen smells like chocolate and marshmallows! I mean, does it get any better than that? I know this sunscreen is made for the kids, but it will be used by the entire family, for sure!

While I cannot attest to how well this works at preventing sunburn just yet, I have no reason to believe that it will not work. I have used many sunscreens whose active ingredient is zinc with great success. I'm excited to be starting my sunscreen hoarding shopping early this year, and I know the kids will be begging to put this on. I appreciate that it is made in the USA too! The formula is moisturizing, which I have such an appreciation for because I have a true pet peeve about dry skin, and some mineral sunscreens are very chalky, making it feel like it is pulling away all of your moisture. Not a fan!

I'm already a huge fan of Sun 'N Fun Broad Spectrum Mineral Sunscreen made by Sweetsation 
Therapy and I give this Sunscreen 10 stars:

If you want to get the ball rolling on your skin protection for the Summer, or if you are lucky enough to live where the sun shines year-round, you should really grab some of this for yourself and the kids. It is currently $19.48 on Amazon, although that price is subject to change at any time. They also offer a unique variety of products that you can check out on their website, while keeping current with them on Facebook and Twitter!

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