Monday, April 27, 2015

Ice Cubes Squared

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With warmer weather becoming more of the normal here (hopefully), I am getting excited for more time outdoors. Luckily, both of my kids are very outdoorsy and would choose just about anything outdoors versus being stuck inside. This becomes confusing to a newly turned 3 year old who doesn't understand the bipolar weather here in NY. One day can be sunny and 70, while the next can be snowing. I'm not joking.... I think that just happened last week. Anyway..... I love taking the kids outside, and my only complaint is that our drinks tend to warm way quicker, because, you know, you don't go anywhere without drinks when you have kids. It becomes an emergency situation. I recently tested out the super cool Kuuk Silicone Ice Cube Trays, and they will be our go-to from now on.

I'm slightly OCD. I'm not entirely sure if that describes what I am, but I like certain things to look a certain way, and there is something very symmetrical and simple about perfectly square ice cubes. It's like something that came out of a magazine picture, or a movie, and that's why they put them there, right? So we can aspire to get those thing. Well folks, I have found square ice cubes, and get this..... they are AFFORDABLE! Now when I sit outside next to the (kiddie) pool with my cat eye sunglasses, perfectly manicured hands and feet and I can drink lemonade with perfectly square ice cubes looking all extra suburban-chic. I hope that looks as good to you as it does to me. My pipe dreams can now come true thanks to Kuuk Silicone Ice Cube Trays.

This Kuuk Silicone Ice Cube Tray Set comes with two trays, one green and one blue. Each tray makes 15 one inch square cubes, so thirty cubes all together. I love that these are silicone because it makes getting out one or two ice cubes a breeze. You no longer need to worry about all of the ice cubes popping out at one time or cracking the tray, as the material of these is flexible and soft. On top of that, the Kuuk Silicone Ice Cube Trays take up much less room in my freezer than traditional ice cube trays. Additionally, they are safe to use in the dishwasher so you can be sure that you are using perfectly clean trays each time you fill them up. I also thought these are the perfect size to make mini frozen yogurt bites or juice pops, even homemade baby food. As the weather gets warmer my creativity gets the best of me. You can make creamer cubes to add to iced coffee or tea. Although it may sound weird, I could see these used for organizational purposes too. For example, to hold earrings, or to hold smaller office supplies in a desk.

I highly recommend the Kuuk Silicone Ice Cube Trays with 10 stars:

If you want to look suburban-chic this Summer with me, you can find these ice cube trays on Amazon for a mere $12.50, HERE.

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