Friday, June 5, 2015

{Book Review} - Who's The New Kid? by Heidi Bond with Jenna Glatzer

Disclosure: The book referenced below was given to me as a member of the Litfuse Bloggers to facilitate an honest review. The opinions stated below are my own.

It was when it was time to introduce my son to solids that I started to get very curious about food. See, I was one of those people that had a super-fast metabolism, and I could eat whatever I wanted with ZERO consequences. I never had to put much thought about what I was putting into my body, but for some reason, when my son was born I became VERY involved in what we were going to put in his. He was always a little string bean, and at almost 10 years old, he still is. That being said, I still try to keep him active and eating healthy. The fact is, for many, childhood obesity is a reality. For Heidi Bond, author of Who's The New Kid, her daughter Breanna experienced obesity that triggered a series of events which eventually led to the loss of 86 pounds over 8 months. That is impressive and inspiring!

I have to be honest and say that my heart broke reading the first part of the book which documents their journey. As a mother I could totally sympathize with the struggle that Heidi faced. She consistently brought her daughter to the doctor with the hope that they would give her a medically sound reason why the number on the scale kept rising even though their efforts were there. Her doctor repeatedly told her that she would grow out of it, and that losing weight at her age would stunt her growth. Luckily, she followed her motherly instinct and made some wonderful lifestyle changes. Initially, she figured she would buy her "healthier" food, and by healthier food, that meant diet food. Anything that said fat-free, low-calories, sugar-free, or diet made it into their home and into their little girl. Soon, Heidi realized that these labels are a tad misleading, and by a tad I mean extremely. Eventually, she began buying real food, and beginning an exercise regimen with her family which turned their lifestyle around.

Within the book Who's The New Kid?, you will read of the struggles that the Bond family faced as they navigated this very prevalent childhood issue. In addition to their truly inspiring story, you get a 40 day meal and exercise plan built right in. Currently, I do not have an obese child. That being said, feeding my kids wholesome and nutritious meals and snacks is a major priority in my life, and keeping them active too! I flew through Heidi's story of Breanna, as it was written as if I was talking to a friend. There are tons of helpful tips she shares along the way too. For example, which do you think has more sugar? 8 oz of Coca-Cola or 8 oz of Minute Maid Apple Juice? If you guessed that they are exactly the same, with 26 grams of sugar each, you are correct! Its shocking, once you take the time to read the labels, what you can find. On the same token, if you are reading labels, you are also more likely to find some wonderful food too! Heidi searched for dieting tips for children and was unable to find anything worthwhile in her search. This sparked her motivation to write this book, and give other parent's and caregivers a handy resource to get their children, and even their entire family on the right track.

I'm happy to give this book 10 stars, as I know I will reference it often:

You can purchase the book HERE, or if you still aren't sure, feel free to check out some more reviews HERE.

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