Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pump It Up - Your Hair That Is!

Disclosure: The item(s) mentioned below were provided complimentary for the purpose of an honest review. The opinions stated here are based upon my personal experience with the product(s) and are entirely my own. Regardless, I only recommend products or services that I feel would benefit my readers.

For the longest time, I always wanted my hair to be super thin and sleek and straight. Well, since having kids, my hair has thinned out a little and is not nearly as thick as it once was. Now, of course, I wish I had more voluminous hair, and will use products and techniques to get the look that I used to despise. That's one of the issues with the beauty industry.... What's "in" now, may not be "in" a short while later. Not that I follow trends or anything. I tend to just do what I like, or what I feel like. Every once in awhile it's refreshing to change it up a bit though. I recently had the opportunity to add a new conditioner to my haircare routine, which is formulated to decrease hair loss, while providing volume. Introducing: Salonceuticals Regenepure Intense Volumizing Biotin Conditioner.

Salonceuticals Regenepure is a brand that focuses on making products for men and women that address hair loss. They use a unique blend of ingredients in their Regenepure Intense Volumizing Biotin Conditioner that set out to provide moisture and volume, while reducing loss. Some of the helpful ingredients are: Biotin, Tea Tree and Jojoba Oil, Keratin, Silk Protein, Copper Peptides and Saw Palmetto. Some natural brands use many of these ingredients in their products for their proven ability to address scalp concerns while providing ample nutrition to the hair to keep it looking and feeling phenomenal. Saw Palmetto is the ingredient that is touted to help reduce hair loss. Together, these compounds work to unclog the hair's follicles, thus allowing it to soak up all of the nutrients, building healthier hair. And who doesn't want healthier hair?

I am driven by scent, so the first thing I did was smell this when I got it. It smells minty, and I'm actually a huge fan of minty scented haircare. I think it has less to do with the scent and more to do with the tingle it provides to my scalp which lets me know it is getting to work correcting all that is wrong. I have a very dry scalp, so the fact that this has ingredients like Tea Tree Oil and Jojoba Oil to help fight that is very important. As I mentioned before, I do not suffer from extreme hair loss so I cannot attest to how well this works in that respect. I do tend to lose a lot of hair, but I always have. I would have needed to monitor my hair loss to be able to speak to these claims. I will say that this conditioner did seem to help in the volume department, and in a good way! I also have to say that this conditioner was not overly heavy, but instead delivered weightless moisturization. My hair was so soft and smooth I couldn't keep my hands out of it! I really wish I could have tried the shampoo that goes with it to get an idea of how they function as a set, however, the conditioner alone has made a great addition to my haircare routine.

You can purchase an 8oz bottle of the Salonceuticals Regenepure Intense Volumizing Biotin Conditioner from Amazon, for the pric of $25. If you're interested, you may also want to check out the Regenepure website to explore all of the products they have to offer.

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