Monday, July 20, 2015

Bird Watching with Yellow Beaks

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My grandmother used to live in Virginia. We live in New York, so the time we got to spend with one another would be limited to major holidays and Summers, when she would come of here for an extended period of time. In April, she made the move here, and it's been great for the kids and I to see her as often as we do. Her new place backs up to a wooded area that homes several species of bird. She noticed the bird feeders in the backyards of all of her neighbors, and soon followed suit. My little ones love going there and watching all of the different birds that come to feed at her feeder, and it immediately made me want to get our own. I was recently given the opportunity to review a Yellow Beaks Window Bird Feeder, which has brought the joy of bird watching to our house, and very up-close too!

The Yellow Beaks Window Bird Feeder is an acrylic, clear bird feeder that you can attach to your window via all-weather suction cups. To do so, you simply clean the window that you will be attaching it to, apply a small amount of water to the suction cups, push them into place until there are no air bubbles under the suction cups, and hang the bird feeder. I actually attached the bird feeder to the suction cups first so I could make sure that they would be stuck in the right place. The dimensions of the actual feeder are 9.6 x 5.9 x 6.6 inches, making it a decent sized feeder for most birds you are trying to attract to it. It is constructed with a wide angle roof design which keeps the birds and feed protected by the elements. I can attest to this, as the day after I set it up, we had a crazy thunder/lightening/rain storm, and the thing didn't budge, and the food inside was unharmed by the elements. This design also helps to keep the squirrels out, as they are often scrounging around for food too.

View from inside

In order to attract birds to the Yellow Beaks Window Bird Feeder, it is recommended that you set it up in an area where birds can find it, obviously. In order to attract them to it you can use a trail of bird seed that leads to it. It may take several days before birds find it and start using it, however, once they do, it is likely that they will continue to come back so long as the food is there. Some of the common birds that can be attracted to this feeder include: finch, goldfinch, cardinal, chickadee, cockatiels, blue bird, blue jay, robin, canary, mynah, wren, titmice, bunting, grosbeak and more! We haven't been able to spot a bird eating from it quite yet, but in it's defense we were on the horizon of a vacation when it arrived, and consequently have only had it set up for a couple of days, and I have already moved it once so that we would have a better chance of actually sighting a bird feeding from it.

At this time I am not going to give it a rating. Once I have it in place for a week or two I will update with an accurate star-rating. So far, everything about it is perfect, however, it's purpose is to feed birds, so I need to make sure that it does exactly that. I just don't feel good lowering my rating without being more certain that it will not attract birds under the right circumstances.

If you are wanting to experience an up-close view of the birds around your home, you can grab your Yellow Beaks Window Bird Feeder on Amazon for $25.95. This price is not guaranteed to last, as it retails for higher.

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